There’s now an alternative to the expensive, time-consuming UV light treatments used by many hospital systems as part of the Terminal Discharge cleaning and disinfection protocols?

Noroxycdiff is a new 2-Minute, 6Log, EPA Registered Sporicidal disinfectant that contains no Bleach, Ammonia, or Phosphates.  Noroxycdiff is a clear drying formula, leaves no visible residue, evaporates completely, and no rinsing or wiping is required.  Noroxycdiff is also FDA cleared under 40 CFR§180.940 for use as a sanitizer on food contact surfaces, so it can be applied in food service and cafeteria settings.

As an alternative to UV, Noroxycdiff, in its in-use concentration, can be safely applied electrostatically, providing 100% coverage of all surfaces typically encountered in the healthcare environment.  To treat 100% of all surfaces in a typical patient room, the process takes less than five minutes, as compared to 45 to 60 minutes to complete multiple UV cycles in order to target c.diff spores.  As stated above, Noroxycdiff requires no rinsing or wiping.  The room is ready for re-occupancy as soon as the surfaces are allowed to air dry; typically around five minutes, which provides a significant impact on room turnover times.  And one of the most significant differentiators between UV and Noroxycdiff 360 is the cost per application; less than $2.00 per patient room!  Compare that the cost of treating a room with UV, which can range from $15 to $23, depending upon the UV System being used.  Additionally, Noroxycdiff’s material compatibility profile means that it can be applied to every surface, hard and soft, typically found in the healthcare environment, without causing the surface damage that is now beginning to materialize after using UV for three or four years.  What is the long-term use of UV doing to the surfaces in your hospital?  Are you beginning to see your plastics yellowing, drying out and cracking?  Are smooth surfaces now rough, creating new homes for pathogens to take up residence?  Have you started to notice rubber seals becoming brittle and cracking?

Below is a pictorial flow of the Noroxycdiff 360 protocol launched at one of the largest healthcare systems in North Carolina this past July.  To date, we have received high accolades and acceptance by all users and applicators because of the simplicity of the process.  They have replaced their former UV protocols with the Noroxycdiff 360 protocol for all isolation terminal discharges.

Thank you for your interest in exploring the Noroxycdiff 360 protocol!


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